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MISE 店 seeks to cultivate a global following that has a deeper, nuanced appreciation of artisanal Japanese culinary and lifestyle products. We find joy in discovering and sourcing from dedicated Japanese and Japanese American artisans who are committed to their lifelong craft. By supporting their business endeavors, we help sustain and advance their artistic pursuits which are deeply rooted in traditional, time-honored practices and techniques.

Every purchase you make supports JACCC education programs.


Join Jane Matsumoto and Patricia Wyatt, two home chefs who passionately pursue the art of Japanese cooking. Guided by native Japanese mothers, their professional mentors have included visiting Japanese culinary masters, cookbook authors, and even Michelin-starred chefs, all of whom have carved a place in JACCC's culinary center.

Jane and Pat want to share access to authentic food products, precise kitchen tools, and beautiful serving ware made from artisans throughout Japan. Their tips and tricks make it fun and easy. Best of all, you can purchase everything you need at MISE 店 . You are assured that everything is timed to the seasons, an ethos at the heart of Japanese cuisine. From plating to cookware and seasonal ingredients, you will discover how easy it is to create wonderful meals and bring a touch of true Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, to your table.

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