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Hinamatsuri, also known as the Doll's Festival or Girls' Day, is a traditional Japanese celebration that takes place on March 3rd. Families display a set of dolls representing the emperor, empress, and their court.

The traditional dishes that are popular during Hinamatsuri include chirashi sushi and hina-arare. The colorful ingredients in chirashi sushi, such as the fish, egg, and vegetables, are believed to represent the colors of spring and the hope for a prosperous new year. Also, chirashi sushi is a festive and celebratory dish that is easy to prepare and share with family and friends during the Hinamatsuri season. The scattered appearance of the ingredients in chirashi sushi also symbolizes the scattering of misfortunes and bringing good luck. 

Hina-arare is tiny colorful rice crackers which represent the five colors of spring- red, blue, yellow, green, and white. In Japanese culture, each color is believed to have a specific meaning, such as red for happiness, blue for longevity, yellow for strength, green for youthfulness, and white for purity.

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